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73 count indictment issued for alleged fake doctor


By Kirby Haskins
Advocate staff writer
A Mt. Sterling man accused of posing as a doctor and performing physical examinations on a number of unsuspecting patients has been indicted by a Fayette County Grand Jury.
Dean Alan Willoughby, 44, of 205 Helena Drive, was recently indicted by the grand jury on 73 counts, including 45 felony counts of practicing medicine without a license and 28 misdemeanor counts of third degree sexual abuse, according to media reports. An indictment is a formal accusation of a crime but does not establish guilt.
Authorities allege that Willoughby presented himself as a doctor and performed physical examinations on subjects—many of which were reportedly homeless men—at an office suite located at 841 Corporate Drive in Lexington. The indictment alleges that more than 30 individuals were victimized, according to media reports.
Authorities claimed in an affidavit for a search warrant that Willoughby paid individuals $50 to take part in the physical exams. During the alleged physical, Willoughby reportedly conducted prostate examinations, checked the victims for hernias, etc. The affidavit further alleged other individuals were paid $20 for bringing other males to Willoughby’s office for the exams.
Willoughby was taken into custody Feb. 24 following an investigation by Lexington Police.
Lexington Police said they first became aware of Willoughby in January when a female employee at the Corporate Drive building where Willoughby’s office is located said she noticed “a number of male subjects were being brought to the building in the same vehicle a few times a week,” the Advocate previously reported. Some of the men, the female employee reportedly told authorities, said they had no idea “why they were being brought to this location.” The office building’s manager also claimed that a maintenance man once entered Willoughby’s office to change lights and says he found a naked man standing in a room with a physician’s examination table and photography equipment nearby.
Lexington Police collected trash from Willougby’s Helena Drive home on Feb. 6 and said they discovered used medical supplies including rubber gloves, syringes and wooden tongue depressors, the Advocate previously reported.
Lexington Police executed a search warrant at Willoughby’s Lexington office Feb. 24, seizing a computer, various medical supplies and photography and video equipment as well.
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with Lexington Police, also searched Willoughby’s home as well as his place of business—“Alan and Associates”—on Fogg Pike. “Alan and Associates” includes an an office and recording studio, which was reportedly used for publishing Christian music. Several computers and other media devices were seized during these searches.
Willoughby was previously convicted of practicing medicine without a license in South Carolina in 1994 after authorities there said he performed genital and rectal exams on men and women. Willoughby received a 10-year jail sentence, which was suspended to two years. He served about a year, according to Lexington media reports.
Willoughby is scheduled to appear in court again on June 26.