Saturday, November 28, 2015
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2 charged in 2011 murder case
By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

Two arrests have been made and two more are expected in the 2011 Paul Brewer murder case.

Cody Wayne Hall, 31, of Clay City, and Nickie Allen Miller, 53, of Stanton, were both arrested last Friday and charged with murder and first-degree robbery. They are being held at the Montgomery County Regional each on a $2 million bond.

The arrests resulted from a continuous investigation that has involved numerous interviews over the nearly four years since the crime occurred, Sheriff Fred Shortridge said. He said those interviews are ongoing.

DNA evidence collected at the crime scene also contributed to the arrests, Shortridge said.

He said two women are also expected to be charged in the case.
Brewer, 52, was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds inside the bedroom of his apartment at 418 Natalie Drive Dec. 22, 2011.

His body was found by sheriff’s deputies during a welfare check after Brewer failed to meet his sister for a medical appointment.

Brewer, a former electrician and assembly man at Cooper Standard Automotive, had a heart condition and had recently undergone quadruple bypass surgery.

Shortridge said Brewer had just come into some money shortly before the slaying occurred. He said he believes the suspects were aware of this.

The sheriff said the two women, alleged prostitutes, had been invited into the apartment to reportedly set Brewer up. They reportedly let Hall and Miller inside the residence for the purpose of robbing Brewer, he said.

“Paul had no idea what was going to happen,” Shortridge said.
During the process of the robbery, Brewer was shot. Authorities are not releasing what type of weapon was used in the crime.

“It was senseless,” Shortridge said. “They ended up taking a life they didn’t have to take.”

Brewer was originally from Powell County and was reportedly familiar with Hall. Sheriff’s investigators are also looking for any other possible links between Brewer and the suspects.

The investigation continues as the sheriff’s office looks to tie up any loose ends involving the crime, Shortridge said.

Both men are scheduled to be arraigned 9:45 a.m. this morning (Thursday) in Montgomery County District Court.

John Brewer, Paul’s brother, is a former Kentucky State Police trooper. He and Liz Barry, the Brewers’ sister, could not be reached for comment.

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