Monday, December 22, 2014
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It’s a sea of lights at this home on Camargo-Levee Road, photo above. Photo submitted by Amy Louise Wasson. Wasson said her family began decorating in October and at least 1,000 lights or more are on display.
Authorities looking for break in Brewer murder case
By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

As the third anniversary of the shooting death of Paul Brewer approaches, authorities are still searching for their big break.
“We’re close, real close to an indictment, but we’re still looking for one little piece of straw (to bring the case together),” Montgomery County Sheriff Fred Shortridge said.

Brewer, 52, was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds inside his home at 418 Natalie Drive Dec. 22, 2011.
Shortridge said he suspects Brewer’s death was the result of a robbery gone bad involving at least five individuals. He said he believes investigators have already interviewed the suspects.
“It’s one of those things that goes sour and resulted in Paul’s death,” he said.

They are among numerous people authorities have interviewed in an effort to solve the case.

Authorities have also sent evidence to the state crime lab in Frankfort in hopes of connecting the suspects to the crime, Shortridge said.
He said he is still hopeful that some of that evidence will help solve the case.

Members of Brewer’s family stay in regular contact with the sheriff’s office about the case. Shortridge said he assures them that his office is doing everything it can to catch the perpetrators.
He said it was persistence that led to the arrest of Bass Webb in connection with the slaying of Sabrina Marie Vaughn, who had been missing six years before her body was found in a shallow grave in Powell County in January 2010.

“We’re not giving up on it,” Shortridge said of the Brewer case.
Brewer was found dead when sheriff’s deputies went to check on him after his older sister called to report that he had failed to meet her to go to a medical appointment.

Brewer, an electrician and assembly man at Cooper Standard Automotive, had a heart condition and had recently undergone quadruple bypass surgery.

He was originally from Powell County.
Investigators found no forced entry to the home. That leads authorities to suspect that the killers were someone Paul knew.

Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to call the sheriff’s office at 498-8704 or 497-2365. You can also leave an anonymous tip at the sheriff’s office website,

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