Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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SMILING AT THE CROWD—Paul Germana and Shyanna Ritchie smiled at onlookers as they entered the Montgomery County High School prom Saturday at the Clay Community Center. The event draws a large crowd of spectators each year. Photo by Tom Marshall.
Clinton narrowly wins Ky.
By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton narrowly won Kentucky in the Democratic primary for president over Bernie Sanders Tuesday, but lost Montgomery County to the Vermont Senator.

Unofficial results from the Kentucky State Board of Elections show Clinton defeating Sanders with 212,550 votes, or 46.76 percent, to Sanders’ 210,626, or 46.33 percent. Others receiving votes statewide were Martin J. O’Malley with 5,703 and Roque Rocky De La Fuente with 1,593. Democrats cast 24,101 uncommitted votes.

In Montgomery County, Sanders got 1,322 votes to Clinton’s 1,289. O’Malley received 37 and De La Fuente eight. One hundred and fifty six voters selected uncommitted.

Kentucky represents 55 delegates and five superdelegates to the national convention. Delegates are awarded proportionately.

Republicans held a caucus rather than a primary in March. New York businessman Donald Trump won that race.

Statewide, Republicans chose incumbent Rand Paul as their candidate for the fall with 169,180 votes, or 84.79 percent, as James R. Gould followed with 16,611, or 8.33 percent, and Stephen Howard Slaughter netting 13,728, or 6.88 percent.

The totals were similar in Montgomery County where Paul garnered 602 votes with Gould receiving 45 and Slaughter 30.

On the Democratic side, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray will be the nominee. He received 240,613 votes, or 58.73 percent statewide.Following in order were Sellus Wilder with 52,728, Ron Leach with 39,026, Tom Recktenwald with 21,910, Grant T. Short with 21,558, Jeff Kender with 20,239 and Rory Houlihan with 13,585.

Gray received 2,126 votes in Montgomery County, followed by Wilder with 176, Short with 142, Leach with 96, Kender with 56 and Houlihan with 37.

Incumbent Andy Barr was chosen once again as the Republican nominee for U.S. Rep. for the Sixth Congressional District, garnering 25,212 votes, or 84.55 percent, to Roger Q. Brill’s 4,608, or 15.45 percent, districtwide.
Montgomery County voters also preferred Barr by a wide margin. He received 576 votes to Brill’s 109.

On the Democratic side, Nancy Jo Kemper will be the nominee. She received 63,327 votes, or 80.18 percent, districtwide, to Geoffrey M. “Geoff” Young’s 15,654, or 19.82 percent.

Kemper carried Montgomery County with 1,739 votes to Young’s 662. Michael Coblenz also appeared on the ballot in Montgomery County with 133 votes, but was not listed among the candidates districtwide by the Board of Elections.

Voting was light Tuesday with 3,524 voters casting ballots. That’s 17.5 percent of the county’s registered voters.

County Clerk Chris Cockrell said there were no problems reported election night. Ballots were counted by 7:15 p.m. Polls closed at 6 p.m.
Cockrell, however, said more poll workers will be needed this fall when voting is expected to be much heavier for the general election.

Anyone interested in serving as a poll worker for the November election can contact the clerk’s office at 498-8700.

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